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Sing With Eli


''The Green Cave Day Nursery love music lessons with Eli. Eli is able to engage our children of all ages in her soft singing and gentle nature and bring out confidence in children who are not so outgoing. "I like Eli, my favourite is the cat and dog song with puppets. And ribbon dancing!" - aged 4. Her lessons are fun, energetic and inviting. The children (and staff) are left singing her songs all day. Highly recommend.'' The team at The Green Cave Nursery (Tunbridge Wells)

''Eli has been singing with the children at The Barna-Bus Pre-School every Friday for several months. The children look forward to Eli’s visit and engage extremely well with the whole experience. Even those children who are less confident will join in with the familiar songs and movements. We have seen the positive impact of this regular input of music, movement and sound work which links in well to Letters and Sounds Phase 1.
Eli is a delightful person who smiles so easily and relates to the children so well.  Her sweet singing voice, the sounds of her guitar and other musical instruments enchant the children and make their learning experience so enjoyable.  The children, and adults, are still singing well after she has left us!'' Pippa Anderson, Manager at The Barna-Bus Pre-School (Tunbridge Wells)

“It has been a pleasure to have Miss Eli come and do music with the children each week. She always manages to capture the children's attention and engage them in the songs. She always has new songs for us to learn and the children will often sing these songs long after she has left. Highly recommend Miss Eli for Music Education.” Nursery manager, Maddison Nursery (London)

We have heard so much about you through our son (as Miss Eli) and know that he loves your sessions as he keeps on getting his sister's guitar, sits down on a chair and sings songs. I think you're visits on Wednesdays are the highlight of the week so thank you so much for contributing to the children's fun and development. It is much appreciated that they learn to enjoy music at this young age. Mum of a 4 year old


“The children love taking part in music class with Eli. As soon as we mention that Eli is coming, children have huge smiles on their faces. Eli's happy nature engages and focuses the children and makes the lesson full off fun!” Teachers, Working Mums Nursery (London)

“Our children really enjoy music class on a Tuesday. They love to get involved and in the half hour class they get to sing, dance and play musical instruments. They also have a lot of fun with Eli's puppets. It is a very social class with lots of interaction between Eli and the children. Many of the quieter children come out of themselves during the music class. The children really benefit from the lessons and they love Eli!” Teachers, Montys@Marksbury Nursery (London)


“Eli has been entertaining, enthusing and engaging with our children since January 2013 and they are delighted by her. She tailors her sessions to her audience and ensures that all the children in each group are enjoying themselves. She runs sessions for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and is equally successful with them all.” Director, Bobby’s Playhouse Nursery (London)


''Eli is a delight to have at Turtles Nursery. She always arrives early, well prepared and full of creative ideas to cater for the variety of ages and stages of children we have. Eli's sessions are interactive fun and lively. The children sing and dance along happily. We would recommend Eli to any nursery.'' Director, Turtles Nursery (Covent Garden, London)


''I am very impressed with Eli and her ability to inspire the love of music in young children. Both my sons have enjoyed regular music sessions with Eli in their nursery, often together.  My eldest, at a young age of 5, is now learning to play the guitar.  The best reference is the amount of singing these two young boys now do, the way they turning everything into a song and rhyme and insist on listening to the Beatles.'' Idalette, mother of Jimmy (5) and Charlie (3)



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